FOR BIKE SPECIFIC SAMPLES (these are previous bikes we have done, If you have an idea in mind just let us know what you are thinking)



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Call for kits for: Aprilla,  BMW, Gas Gas, Husaberg, Sherco, Montesa, Honda Grom and more..................

We realize that in the sport of motocross everyone has sponsors. Most motocross companies have many sponsored riders through sites such and By listing sponsors in the special instruction box you affirm that you have the rights to use that company logo.

When you receive your email proof, please look it over them very carefully. It will be in and .jpg format and can be seen in any browser or photo editor. 
Make sure spellings are correct and the logos are where you want them.  If you want or need changes please let us know.  If you are satisfied please let us know they are ready to print.  Once we print them they are as is.  We do not reprint if them if you find something wrong later. So again look them over close.  If you need a bigger version please let us know.

  • Fill out form for your specific bike 
  • * Samples are what we have done in the past. If you would like to use one just make a note in the Special Instruction box. Please help us keep our prices down by ordering online.

  • * If you have something in mind just email a picture.

  • * Put the sponsors you want in the boxes for that spot.  You can move them after you get first proof

  • * Kit includes: shrouds,  front fender tip, swingarm, fear fender, front fender arch, number plates and fork guards
  • * We do 2 proofs free and $10 per proof there after.  Try to get us close afer the first to keep thing moving fast.
  • * Full kits take generally 2-4 days.  The faster you get back to us on proofs the faster they get to production. Please check email frequently!!

  • * If you have a local sponsor you can send us their logo.  Needs to be a vector file .ai  .cdr or pdf. Custom logos can be drawn for $45 per hour.
  • * Make sure when ordering you get to the final screen with confirmation nuimber.

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